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Review: Kensey's Story - Meeting Death (Kensey's Story #1)

Kensey's Story: Meeting Death (Kensey's Death #1)
Nellee Horne

Publication Date: June 21, 2011
Date Read: May 1, 2011
Genre: YA - Fantasy
Source: For Review
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
14 year old Kensey is on vacation. Vacation that suddenly turned better... or maybe worse. Her little brother and new friend force her to climb down a long, dark well. What she finds down there... is another world inhabited by mythical creatures.
Centaurs, Pixies, Vampires, Wizards, Lycanthropes, and a lot more.

She meets a Fairy, Marcus, and lots of new friends... as well as enemies. Enemies that want her heart-broken, off guard and dead.
One was to achieve that goal is to kill one of her new friends, someone that was more than just a friend. To counteract that goal, she promises her new family that she will bring him back to life by, somehow, journeying to the Kingdom in the Sky, a legendary, fabled location where the souls of the dead are transported.

Will she make is there?
Or will the haunting, yet enchanting, Hooded Figure kill her in the process for infecting his world with humans?

I really liked this book.
It follows Kensey, a fourteen year old girl who climbs down a well discovered by herself, her little brother, Lee and her new friend William. What Kensey doesn't expect is that the well is actually a portal to a new world, a world full of Fairies, Pixies, Vampires, Lycanthropes and Witches and Wizards. Here Kensey meets Marcus and his family. As they grow closer and Kensey becomes attached to her new life, she knows all is not right as in her vivid dreams and moments in real-life she encounters an evil hooded creature who seems to want nothing more than to see Kensey suffer, even if it means hurting her new love.

I really enjoyed this book a lot more than i thought i would at the beginning. It was kinda slow and after Kensey ended up in the new world i thought it was interesting and i was really curious as to what was going to happen. Soon enough i became completely drew into the story and ended up being so attaced to the characters.

i became so emotional while reading this book and i loved Marcus so much that when he got killed i was in tears and ended up having to wipe tear splashed off my Kindle. I was purely heartbroken with what had happened and couldn't stop reading as i needed to know if he was going to make it back and if he and Kensey would be happy together as they deserved.

I wasn't crazy about the ending, which is why i only gave it 4 stars instead of 5, as i am a very big ending person and i would have liked to see a more closed ending, even if it is part of a series, rather than it being very open, however it did make me waiting to see what will happen next. I can't wait to see what will happen next with the hooded figure and can't wait to see what happens between Marcus and Kensey and how their relationship escalates.

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