Saturday, May 21

Amaretto Flame Giveaway: Winner

I know I've posted this a little late than I said but I was distracted today getting my first tattoo.

So the winner of a copy of Amaretto Flame and the charm bracelet is

Nellee Horne.

Congratulations Nellee.

The winner has been notified by email and if they do not respond within 48 hours another winner will be selected.


  1. Oo well done congratulations

  2. Thanks! Hey Kayleigh, I sent you a response. I've had problems with AOL lately with sending and receiving emails so I just wanted to make sure you got :)

  3. Yes i did, I've passed on your details to Sammie and she'll get the bracelet sent out asap. She'll probably email you at some point as well :)

  4. 'kay, I just got the email :) This is so cool!

  5. :D
    congrats hun :)
    watch out for a new giveaway on June 1st. It's not as good as this one it's just for a copy of a new dystopian book.

  6. congrats, I am a new follower refered by Nellee!

  7. thanks for following Rhonda :)


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