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Review: Amaretto Flame (Eagleton Coven #1)

Amaretto Flame (Eagleton Coven #1)
Sammie Spencer 

Publication Date: March 24, 2011
Date Read: April 18, 2011
Genre: YA - Paranormal Romance
Source: For Review
Format: E-Book
From Goodreads:
Olivia has spent her life learning about her enemies, the deadly Venator - including how to kill them. What she knows nothing about is whiskey, playing poker, or rugged, copper-haired musicians. As punishment for a small 'crime,' Olivia is sent to a safe house in a human town and forced to live as one of them for a summer. There, she meets the charming Jackson Vance, and her real education begins. She soon discovers that she's being hunted, and figuring out why means she uncovers a secret that threatens to end everything she's ever fought for.

Oh. My. God
Those are the words that come to mind when i think of this book. I cannot praise it enough it was just amazing. If i could give this book more than 5 stars i would. I would give it 100 stars because it was just incredible and i loved every moment of it.
The story follows Olivia, a good witch whose coven is in the middle of a war with the bad witches, Venator. Olivia finds herself outcast from the rest of her coven as she is forced to live among humans. While doing this she meets Jackson, a musician with eyes the colour of amaretto. There is a clear spark between them instantly and Olivia doesn't understand why.

I loved this book. At the start of it i thought this was a good book with a good story and then one event happened which made me go its not a good book, its an amazing book. I was hooked and it completely took over my life, i didn't want to do anything until i had finished the book. The narrative technique used was amazing as i felt every emotion that Olivia was feeling right the way through the book and by the end of the book I was in tears as how amazing it all turned out. I was so excited when i found out that there will be more books coming and I cannot wait to find out what will happen next with these characters. I fell for the characters so much, I lived through Olivia, and felt the hostility between her and her coven members when she got cast out. I wanted to jump into the book and scream at them. I instantly fell in love with Jackson and as Olivia spent more and more time with him I fell for him more. I loved every moment of this book and I could read it again and again. I am already so attached to these characters and i don't usually become attached to characters in series this much. I am so excited to see where the story goes from here.

An amazing debut novel and Sammie is definitely an author to watch out for.


  1. Excellent review. I'm curious about this release :)

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  2. Sounds really good, I will need to get it!

  3. it is amazing, i think it's like £2 on kindle or something like that :)

  4. Great review! Book sounds amazing.

  5. thanks diana :)
    i really enjoyed it

  6. Looking forward to reading it

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  7. I KNOW what you mean, the first time Olivia used her powers I squealed with delight. She is such a believable witch!

  8. i know i loved this book n cnt wait for the next one :)

  9. Want to read sounds wonderful

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  10. LOVE this review. Makin' my rounds to check comments for the BIG prize. Woot!

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