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Review: Nebula's Music

Nebula's Music
Aubrie Dionne

Publication Date: March, 2010
Date Read: April 2, 2011
Genre: Adult - Science Fiction
Source: Review Copy
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
Each note brings her one step closer to the truth.

When the cyborg Nebula plays the piano she experiences memories from a time before her creation. These memories…which involve a captive rebel fighter being held on their ship…bring with them complex human feelings and awaken a desire for her to discover her origins.

Radian is the long lost love of the woman from which Nebula was made. He’s vowed to avenge his finance’s death and rescue her sister from the Gryphonites, a fierce race out to enslave the galaxy.

Nebula grapples with her identity and how much of who she is comes from someone else’s past. She is not the woman that died, yet she is undeniably drawn to Radian.

Together Nebula and Radian seek to rescue his fiancĂ©’s sister and end the Gryphonites’ cruel reign. But can Radian learn to love again and can Nebula accept a past made from someone else’s memories?

The story follows Nebula, a human cyborg who i programmed to carry out highly complicated calculations to help the captain of her ship. She is not programmed to feel emotions, or so she thought. When she plays the Piano, Nebula has memories that are not hers but feel too real. Then she meets Radian, the handsome man she has seen before in her memories and he also notices her. The body Nebula was made from was the body of Radian's beloved. As they struggle against their feelings for each other they must work together to rescue people who have been taken captive from the Gryphonite's.

This is an amazing science-fiction romance. I loved every moment of it, which surprised me as usually i am not a big fan of science fiction. But i adored it, it was amazing.
I loved that the love story was such a central role in the story but that the book was also very action-packed and fast-paced and one didn't take a back seat to the other.
I loved the characters, i thought they were amazing. I was moved by all the emotions that Nebula started to feel and that she couldn't understand. By the end of the book i found myself in tears, i was so involved with the story and came to think of the characters as friends that i personally knew.
It was an incredible story and i loved it.

I would really love there to be a sequel to this story tho as i would love to find out what happens next and if they go back to the Gryphonite's ship to rescue all the other captive slaves.

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