Tuesday, April 26

May - Indie Author Month

Hey guys,
I just thought i'd drop a quick post about what will be happening in may, me and a couple of more blogs are dedicating May to indie authors. I have recently been introduced to indie authors and i am shocked that i didn't know about them before. I am really loving the indie authors i have spoken to and love their work that i have read so far. I have a couple more to read.
I will post links to a goodreads pages for each book below this is what books i will be reviewing so far.

Amaretto Flame by Sammie Spencer 
Kensey's Story: Meeting Death by Nellee Horne
Marked by Kim Richardson
Six Moon Summer by SM Reine
The Advice Girl by LA Shaw
Veiled Innocence by Krystle Jones

These will be posted at various times throughout May and will probably not be in the order that I have just posted

Happy Reading
Kayleigh xoxo

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