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Review: Rumored (Witches of Santa Anna #3)

Rumored (Witches of Santa Anna #3)
Lauren Barnholdt and Aaron Gorvine

Publication Date: February, 11 2011
Date Read: February 25, 2011
Genre: YA - Paranormal
Source: Bought
Format: E-Book

From Goodreads:
Rumored, the third book in the Witches of Santa Anna series of novellas....

Natalia Moore is the new girl at Santa Anna Prep, and all she wants to do is fly under the radar -- get to her classes, meet a few friends, and try not to make a total fool of herself in the meantime. But when handsome and popular Campbell Elliot goes out of his way to be nice to the new girl, Natalia's plan to go unnoticed flies out the window.

Cam's hot, but he's completely off-limits. Raine Marsden, the most popular and meanest girl in school, has had her eye on him ever since the summer. And Raine doesn't like competition.

When Cam goes as far as inviting Natalia to the exclusive weekend party at Raine's house, Raine sets her sights on a new victim. But what Natalia doesn't know is that Raine and her friends are no ordinary mean girls. They have powers most people can only dream of, and nobody will stand in the way of what they want. And what Raine wants is Campbell.

Rumored is the third book in The Witches of Santa Anna series of novellas, a series that proves just how far true love will go and that nothing--not even pure evil--can change your destiny.

This is definitely my favourite one so far. This was the book where it started to get really exciting and i couldn't wait to finish it. it was amazingly good. Raine started to use her powers a lot more and you really feel sorry for cam as he doesn't get whats happening to him. I really started to dislike Brody in this book there is just something about him and i feel that he is in on all the weird stuff with Raine and her friends.
i really love Natalia and like that after cam found out what was going on with Raine it brought them closer together.

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