Monday, February 21

January Books Read

This is the page where i will put the books that i have read in 2011

January 2011

I love this book. it was amazing. better than the first so a firm 5 stars.

This was a reli good accompaniment to the original series. a great elaboration of some of the important info from the main series. 3 stars
This is such a wonderful love story about loss and finding new love. a little sad to start with but by the end you are in love once again and have new hope. 5 Stars
This was the first book i read about fallen angels last year and i re-read it now ready for the second one coming out. amazing characters and an amazing love story that plays on my weakness of bad boys. 5 stars

I had been waiting so long for this book and had fears that the series may be becoming a little long but they were pointless. my favourite in the series so far and it made me even more impatient for the next one to come out. loved every minute of it. 5 stars
This book was very different from other paranormal books that i have read. it was amazing tho. only 4 stars for the reason that i didn't like it as much as other books of this genre that i have read.
I was a little sceptical when starting this book because of things i had heard, well i was not disappointed and my scepticism turned out to be for nothing. i had only read YA books before this so there was a lot of detail that i was not used to but it happened to make the story flow better. definitely not a book for people with a weak stomach or under the age of 18. i cannot wait to see what else happens in this series. 5 stars
I love this series. i started reading them mainly because of the TV show and i have fell in love with the world the author has portrayed and her characters. i definitely wasn't expecting the ending to be the way it was but that just made me love the book that much more. however at the time of reading this there were a number of books that i loved so much more so i awarded this book 3 stars
This was such a great follow up to hush hush and continued the love story of patch and nora perfectly. however i liked the first one so much better, things happened in this book that i didn't want to happen so it made me like the first one a lot better. 4 stars
i was genuinely surprised by how much i loved this book. it was such a clever story set in such a magical world with amazing characters. a definite 5 stars.
This book was amazing. it was very long but there is 3 books in it. i loved the story tho it was very similar to the summoning series, i loved the characters and how there was a love triangle with a girl and brothers just like lj smith's other book The Vampire Diaries. 5 stars

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